The game industry is bizarrely obsessed with revenue at the exclusion of nearly anything else, he argued: You get the impression that the game industry wouldn't care if some prince in Dubai bought a single copy of a game that costs $24 billion dollars Call of Madden Duty Halo as long as we're the ones he's buying it from. This week's release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 saw yet another of the industry's neverending claims about it's biggest entertainment launches of all time, but that has much to do with a game's relatively exorbitant individual price tag compared to, Runescape Gold say, a book or a movie ticket.

On a unit basis, on the other hand, games aren't all that impressive.Gone With the Wind, the most successful film by revenue after adjusting for inflation, sold 35 million unit's in the United Kingdom alone in 1940, at which point that country had a population of 43 million. Even more astonishingly, RS 07 Gold it sold 202 million tickets in the United States which had a population of only 130 million at the time. Everyone went twice!

Hecker exclaimed. This is mass market reach. That extraordinary example aside, you have to go extremely far down the list of topselling movies of all time before you find examples on equal footing with the game industry's bestselling nonconsolebundled SKU, Wii Play, RS 3 Gold which across all worldwide territories has sold about 24 million unit's. (That's true outside film as well, of course: Celine Dion is beating every game we've ever made. )But even unit's don't paint the more telling picture.