There Supercell is a company that can (or runescape games) before completely solve afford to cut up a runescape game, and many runescape game developers are not in a financial position (ie a valuation of $ 5 billion euros), where it can take so much time and effort . Supercell had some very good luck with their Buy RS Gold games, but they were the studio [the no financial safety net had] Dower supported . They were the company that was ahead of the runescape game this success unlock the killing. Even with the arguments against the idea of ​​often killing runescape games, there is something to say to the analysis, when a project attracts a developer, designer keep on better things move. We get emotionally attached [these runescape games], but at some point you have to think [or not], you can fix it, Dower said in his GDC talk.One would think that a company like Supercell performs extensive analyzes, Buy Runescape Gold in deciding whether or not to kill a runescape game but Dower, the decision ultimately boils down to and only natural measures coming week the gut feeling of a small team of experienced runescape game makers down. The execs exhibit not a death sentence at Supercell or grant clemency, Dower said. The decision over life and death is one of those who raises their hands on the runescape game.That the question was, what would happen if people did not agree in a team with the fate of a runescape game of questionable viability. Dower whose joint team the soft runescape game decided published Smash Earth in a sauna to kill on beer, said it is best to just keep the ongoing discussion with colleagues. We would probably just keep talking about it, keep it from hashing, if there was disagreement over the fate of a runescape game, he said. If someone [the team] really, really believe they can keep going there, then it might be a discussion . [I ask them] prove me wrong. ' Supercell has 180 employees worldwide, of which 70 developers. Dower said developer-driven murder RS 3 Gold game without the leadership of the trust would not be possible, an important key, if you adopt the philosophy of Supercell . This is one of the fundamental characteristics, confidence, Dower said. We provide people who can make these big decisions. The role [CEO] is to trust them. Otherwise, the entire system fails. Road to the IGF: GNOG of KO_OP