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McArthur Law Firm that specializes in video runescape game law, Cheap RS Gold formal shows the last attempt by Sony Computer Entertainment for the brand, the term  protest  runescape games . The interesting part here is that the Patent Office and the United States pushed brands actually first attempt but Sony McArthur says for a small reason was - that Sony runescape games Brand was considered too easily confused with similar brands, rather than the term itself is too general a brand . be In protest letter filed today by the McArthur Law Firm, we have the USPTO presented with more than fifty examples of Let's reading was 'generic' reads an excerpt from the company's detailed data blog about his actions We believe that the USPTO examine the evidence we have presented and come to the same conclusion that thousands of runescape players. that '   blank; Generic Play'is and Sony should not exclusive rights to it . RS Gold  The station continues to say that this letter is part of a formal process that allows third parties to submit additional evidence to consider forThe USPTO before they approve and publish a brand. Although the initial efforts of Sony has been delayed, it has to react six months before a final rejection is worth mentioning issued.It So did McArthur Law Firm of bloggers (and onetime contributors) Stephen McArthur was founded. - The legacy of 25 years of Street Fighter II, in the words of the experts